1. What Kind of Love Is This?

    In a lyrical interruption to the holiday craze, Kathleen Dean Moore gives us a beautiful reminder of our challenge to create lasting ways of life in The Orion Blog.


    Scroll down to hear her read the essay aloud.



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  2. What Do We Owe the Future?

    In a televised interview with the Oregon Humanities Council, Kathleen Dean Moore discusses ethics, climate change, and the obligations we have to the future.

    Watch the full interview here.

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  3. Back Page hosts Kathleen Dean Moore

    Jody Seay sits down with Kathleen Dean Moore to talk about Moral Ground on the TV show “Back Page.”

    Best enjoyed with a cup of holiday tea and a copy of Moral Ground at the ready!


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  4. Libby Roderick Raises Her Voice for Moral Ground
    How do you define your Moral Ground? Libby Roderick grounds her ethical action in song. An internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter, poet, activist, teacher and lifelong Alaskan, Libby recently gave a moving TEDx Talk. Lend an ear and enjoy the surprising power and depth of her music, and her call to action.

    December 5, 2011News1 comment
  5. It’s Wrong to Wreck the Earth

    Kathleen Dean Moore and Michael Nelson return to discuss our moral call to protect the Earth in the Earth Island Journal. A stirring read and sobering reminder.

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