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Praise for Moral Ground – Moral Ground

Praise for Moral Ground

Moral Ground will light a righteous fire.” — Utne Reader

“Thought-provoking essays that attempt through reasoned argument, personal anecdote, and even poetry, to move people beyond knowing what is bad for the earth and doing something about it–whether for future generations of their own self interest.” — E: The Environmental Magazine

Moral Ground seeks to inspire action through a recognition of our species’ commitment to ethical behavior and a reminder that ideals such as love and justice must dictate all of our actions.”  — Orion Magazine

“This is one of the first anthologies to combine the appeal of moral duty; conscience choice in relationship to the environment, in combination with the argument for basic survival. . . . This book is fine reading but not only that. The reading of it makes you think; gives you pause to reflect upon your own life, and the way you have been part of the Earth.” — Chicago Examiner

“If you’re concerned about global climate change and wondering what the world’s religious leaders and ethical thinkers have to say on the subject, this is an ideal place to look.  These essays are intelligently presented..move beyond the typical focus on “techno-fixes”, like compact fluorescent bulbs, and talk seriously about limiting consumption and ending population growth, all in all this is a terrific book. I recommend it highly!” — Phil Cafaro, professor of philosophy, Colorado State University