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  • Thomas Edward Burton III → August 12, 2011, 4:05 pm

    I forgot to put the conclusion to my article I mailed to you earlier. What it means is that the Republicans now have an unfair advantage due to “Citizens United” saying For Profit Corporations can give limitless Campaign Contributions. If there are no Strictures placed upon Capitalism being intertwined with Government( as the Church used to be with government/monarchies during the Divine Right of Kings” era– then to Level the Playing Field/Restore the Balance of Power– we should get rid of the following law:

    Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code prohibits nonprofit organizations, including churches, from intervening in political campaigns on behalf of or in opposition to candidates for public office.

    In other words… nonprofit organizations, including CHURCHES( and Environmental Groups, etc. )… should now ALSO be able to give political campaign contributions just as “Citizens United” says For Profit Corporations are able to do. They should retain their tax advantaged situation, without penalties– to offset the “System” of “For Profit” Corporations… because per person people “Get Something” versus smaller amounts from MORE people in Churches– are CONTRIBUTIONS where people receive no durable goods or food required in everyday living( in “Their” System vs. the Capitalists ) = a Level playing Field of fewer capitalists with more money per person vs. more people but who have very little money( and receive nothing from contributions to Church therefore the tax advantage remains… & = everything out ).

    Thomas Edward Burton III

    If you would like to publish my article here– you have my name, I’m at 1512 St. Charles Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 44107 U.S.A…. & my phone # is (216) 702-8486.

    This is to help against the “Citizens United” ruling– hopefully.

    Everyone knows that Separation of Church and State have served us well since the
    founding of our country in 1776. However, the last two Revolutions that
    took place( LATER ) in what are now Industrialized Countries were the
    French Revolution in the late 1800′s and the Bolsheviks in 1917 in
    Russia. These were over “Economic Ideology”. Also( aside from voting and
    Freedom, etc. ), the entire Cold War pretty much had at the tops of the
    Pyramids of each nation( in
    terms of priorities ) either “Capitalism” or “Communism”. I DO believe
    in about 90 % Capitalism to motivate people to work & to reward
    those who work smarter or harder a little more than others. This, plus a
    “Socialistic Safety Net” of 10 % for those with disabilities or one
    parent families, etc.. However, it seems to me that America has lost
    it’s way in terms of WHAT, exactly, is our Credo. Baby Boomers came back
    from the war & “The American Dream” phrase was coined. That is,
    every couple striving for and attaining the house with the white picket
    fence, two to four kids & one and a half dogs = the newer definition
    of success because the America that they were fighting for is the Land
    of Opportunity. The Republicans ran with that and translated it to mean
    that the Title or Stamp which we ALL should aspire to is Capitalism.
    They stamped it above the Pyramid on our dollars and sold Americans on
    the idea that what it means to be American( and
    what our country stands for ) is to be a Capitalist. “Greed is Good”.
    Never mind what the Bible says about valuing the Pursuit of Greed( and
    all the wreckage that it entails when it comes to the Environment, some
    people’s lives, etc. ). People have lost their way. People have
    OVERcompensated because of their fear of Communism( which, once again,
    has to do with human rights violations, lack of Freedom… not Just a
    Monetary System ). In other words… we now have money as a problem
    affecting our Political System. Let’s step back and view things as
    “Systems”. They can be circles in a Venn Diagram. We don’t want these
    circles to “Cross Over” and Influence each other. My point is that:

    we had Separation of Church and State. Two Systems( Political and
    Religious ) that are each represented by a circle. There’s an invisible
    line between these two circles– and we haven’t wanted them to
    overlap… and it’s served our country well for over two
    hundred years. However, as I mentioned earlier– more Current Times
    have seen Revolutions because of the overlapping of the Systems of
    Politics and Capitalism( Corruption, Rigging the Voting Process
    unfairly– due to the Nature of Money itself… “It Is Self Evident”(
    Thomas Jefferson– who also said that “From Time to Time The Tree of
    Liberty Needs to be Refreshed from the Blood of Patriots and Tyrants(
    Greedy Capitalists )), calling a Corporation a Person through Corrupt
    and biased legalease/Judicial Power that was previously thought of as
    one of our Bastions of Fairness and Impartiality in what we thought was
    an impermeable three Institution Checks and Balances System(
    Judicial,Legislative and Executive, etc. )… which has now proven
    itself to be Fallible after all. Why? Because Guns Don’t Kill People…
    People Kill People: because Institutions such as our Judicial
    Institution don’t make Unfair/Biased Laws… PEOPLE make Unfair and
    Biased Laws. For all our Ideology– the System we’ve set up breaks down because people
    inhabit these systems and Some people are corrupt, some people aren’t
    smart enough, all people are Irrational/emotional human beings who are
    not perfect/Fallible. Now Rich people are influencing our Political
    System to take more than their fair share of the pie– which means
    relatively less for others. This tells me to think out of the box a bit.
    Get a more distant and objective perspective on things. Since Separation
    of Church & State has worked so well– yet recent Revolutions( as I
    mentioned earlier ) have been Class Wars…
    how about trying something like Separation of Capitalism and State. Let’s remind people that the original American Dream is Ellis Island( Liberty ). “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit Of Happiness.” The Pursuit of Happiness
    for some is Family, Friends and Church. We’ve kept Church out of Gov’t.. Others Pursue money. So, let’s keep money out of Gov’t, too.

    The ancient Athenians who originated Democracy allowed no so called “Special Interests” to Cloud or Corrupt their political process.

    Long ago a major problem was the “Divine Right of Kings”( or “Religious Right of Kings” )– where the Power of the Church was an integral( Integral meaning, as most people understand– “self-reinforcing” powers of Church & State ) part of Monarchies. Since some power seems to have passed from the President to Corporations and wealthy people who have interests these Corporations( and are “Pulling the Strings” )– it wouldn’t be fair to our( U.S. ) Government or our President to make an analogy by describing the current system as being similar to a type of “Economic Right of Presidents” or “Capitalistic Right of Presidents”. Rather, let’s zero in on the Correct target( Orwell was Close– but not Exactly on target ) by starting to refer to our current system as exactly what it is. I believe that our current system runs as and can be best described as a type of “Capitalistic Right of Corporations”( once again, bearing in mind that some wealthy people have vested interests in these corporations… or even unseen and/or unknown interests in these Corporations ).
    Thomas Edward Burton III

  • Thomas Edward Burton III → August 12, 2011, 4:08 pm

    OOPS!! Please delete my address & phone # from the comment I just made– but please keep the rest of the comment. Please hurry & do this. Thank you.
    Tom Burton


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